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The following was carried forward from the November 17, 2003 PR Forum posting by useless.

Perhaps someone would like to format it and insert it in the SourceWatch entry for Anti-American activities:

Anti-American Activities/ H.R. 3077 "I don't know if you have come across h.r. 3077 which is a major revision of area studies funding in universities across the nation to ensure that scholarship conforms to the interests of national security. the resolution was passed unanimously by the house this past month and is scheduled to go before the senate in the spring. area studies have been termed "hotbeds of anti-american activities" and the attack on the post-colonial scholarship of edward said has been particularly severe. here are several links:

related articles

full text of the resolution amended text below find more info (paraphrased from a posting at nowariraq digest):

the relevent paragraph in the resolution is paragraph 633 calling for changes in area studies funding to reflect more "diverse views."

in the context of providing funding under Title VI for area and international studies programs, it sets up an advisory board (5 of 7 of whose members would be appointed by the President and his party, and 2 of those from Federal agencies concerned with national security). The goals include "making recommendations that will...result in the growth and development of such programs...that will reflect diverse perspectives and the full range of views..." and encourage students to "serve the nation"

for the basis of the congress's understanding of "diversity" and academic freedom grounding h.r. 3077. see: the u.s. senate committee on health, labor, and pensions: "Full Committee Hearing - Is Intellectual Diversity an Endangered Species on America's College Campuses" at

The following is Martin Kramer's website (the guy spearheading the advisory board)

See also the American Council on Education press release on the bill: