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C.M. (Tini) Colijn-Hooymans "has been a member of the TNO Board of Management since 1 October 2002. Her portfolio includes the TNO Quality of Life core area. She is Chairman of the Board of the Stichting Lorentz - Van Iterson Fonds TNO (LIFT), a foundation that establishes special chairs for professors chosen by an advisory board. Collaboration with universities is achieved via these special chairs in the form of 30 knowledge centers

"One of Dr Colijn's additional positions includes board membership of the CIMMYT international research institute in Mexico. This institute's focus is the improvement of food production in developing countries. She is also a member of the Executive Committee and the Board of WCFS (Wageningen Centre for Food Sciences), a consortium of companies, universities and knowledge institutions that fosters cooperation between the field of food sciences and the business world.

"After studying biology, cell biology and biochemistry at Leiden University, The Netherlands, Ms. Colijn gained a Ph.D. at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, studying at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Her subsequent positions included Director of Research at Plant Research International, Managing Director of the RIKILT - Institute of Food Safety, General Director of Praktijkonderzoek Plant en Omgeving B.V., and Member of the Board of Plant Sciences at the Wageningen University and Research Centre." [1]

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