Swan Hills ISCG/Sagitawah Power Project

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Swan Hills ISCG/Sagitawah Power Project is a proposed in-situ coal gasification (ICSG) project combined with a power station with carbon capture and storage (CCS). The project was cancelled in February 2013.

Project details

Swan Hills Synfuels, the states that the project "is a first-of-its-kind in North America, integrating ISCG technology with carbon capture and storage to create a clean low-carbon syngas that will fuel a new 300 MW combined cycle power generation facility located near Whitecourt, Alberta. The full scale Cdn$1.5 billion project will commence service in 2015. Expansion and/or replication potential is significant ... The captured CO2 will be sold to enhanced oil recovery (EOR) customers in the Swan Hills area."[1]

Swan Hills Syngas variously describes itself as "a private Alberta developer"[2] and as a "Calgary-based clean energy project company" but provides little detail on its corporate structure. It lists Doug Shaigec as President of the company.[3]


The company states that on December 1, 2009 "a letter of intent had been signed between the Province of Alberta and Swan Hills Synfuels for $285 million in funding from the Carbon Capture and Storage Fund."[4]

Project cancelled

On Feb 25, 2013, Alberta and Swan Hills Synfuels LP said they had canceled plans to develop the project, as the provincial government would not provide the C$285 million ($278 million) in financing it had previously committed to closely-held Swan Hills Synfuels.[5]

Contact details

Suite 515, 706-7th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 0Z1
Phone: 403-648-1160
Fax: 403-648-1153
Website: http://swanhills-synfuels.com/index.htm

Articles and resources


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