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Susan Ostrander is a Professor of Sociology at Tufts University.


Publications [4]


  • Acting Civically: From Local Neighborhoods to Higher Education. Co-edited volume with Kent Portney. University of New England Press, 2007.
  • Money for Change: Social Movement Philanthropy at Haymarket People's Fund, 1995, Temple U. Press
  • Shifting the Debate: Public/Private Relations in the Modern Welfare State, 1987, Transaction Press (Senior Editor with Jon Van Til)
  • Women of the Upper class, 1984, Temple Univ. Press

Selected Recent Articles/Books Chapters

  • "The Growth of Donor Control: Revisiting the Social Relations of Philanthropy," published in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, June 2007.
  • "Class Elites and New Forms of Donor Controlled Philanthropy," in preparation.
  • "Innovation, Accountability, and Independence at Three Private Foundations Funding Higher Education Civic Engagement, 1995 to 2005." Nonprofit Management and Leadership. In press.
  • "Legacy and Promise for Social Justice Funding: Charitable Foundations and Progressive Social Movements." In Foundations for Social Change. Edited by Daniel Faber and Deborah McCarthy, Rowman and Littlefield. 2005.
  • "Mobilizing Money Strategically: Opportunities for Grantees to be Active Agents in Social Movement Philanthropy," (co-athors I. Silver and D. McCarthy). In Foundations for Social Change. Edited by D. Faber and D. McCarthy. Rowman and Littlefield. 2005.
  • Co-editor (with David Horton Smith), "Special Issue: Community and Grassroots Associations/Organizations," Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, forthcoming March 2004
  • Moderating Contradictions of Feminist Philanthropy: Women's Community Organizations and the Boston Women's Fund," Gender & Society, forthcoming March 2004
  • "Democracy, Civic Participation, and the University: A Comparative Study of Civic Engagement on Five Campuses", forthcoming in March 2004 issue of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly
  • "Gender and Race in a Pro-feminist, Progressive, Mixed-Gender, Mixed Race Organization," Gender & Society 13,5 (Oct. 1999)" 628-642
  • "When Grantees Become Grantors: Accountability, Democracy, and Social Movement Philanthropy," in Philanthropic Foundations, ed. E. C. Langemann, Indiana U. Press, 1999
  • "Women Giving Money/Women Raising Money: What Difference for Philanthropy?" in Taking Fundraising Seriously, ed. D.F. Burlingame, Jossey Bass, 1995
  • "Giving and Getting: Philanthropy as Social Relation" (with P.G. Schervish), in Critical Issues in American Philanthropy, ed. Jon Van Til, Jossey Bass, 1990

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