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Susan Morgan, PhD, "is a contract writer and designer in Albuquerque. She holds degrees in English and environmental studies, with emphasis on wildlands conservation. Susan received the graduate award for her doctoral study on the history of conservation advocacy and conservation biology and how these two shaped The Wildlands Project. She has taught high school English and environmental studies at the community college level. In 1968 she began as Director of Education for The Wilderness Society and has subsequently worked on wilderness, wildlands, and public lands conservation for thirty-nine years. Susan most recently served as communications director for Forest Guardians, coordinating print publications and electronic outreach." [1]

"Susan Morgan has been at the heart of the conservation movement for over 40 years. She has worked with The Wilderness Society, University of the Wilderness, Earth First!, Project Lighthawk, The Wildlands Project, Forest Guardians, The Rewilding Institute, and other groups.

"She wrote her dissertation on how wilderness advocacy and conservation biology together shaped The Wildlands Project. She lives in rural northwestern Washington State and advises various conservation groups, as well as working as a free-lance editor." [2]

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