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"The Sundial House Group and the International Group for Creative Meditation is a non-political, non-religious and not-for-profit group. Its purpose is to advance spiritual growth and a spiritual orientation in a materialistic world through education in the natural Laws and Principles of everyday living.

"The East Sussex, UK based International Group for Creative Meditation works with the spiritual qualities and laws of the soul. These are at play within our everyday experiences, whether we consciously or unconsciously recognise this. Everything is spiritual that tends towards understanding, towards kindness and towards that which produces beauty. This will lead us on to the fuller expression of our true innate potential.

"The Hastings based International Group for Creative Meditation offers a correspondence training course in creative meditation. It also offers talks and workshops.

"The Group for Creative Meditation began in the early 1950’s it was started by Dr. Roberto Assagioli. This group service work is still thriving today and continues to work with the six Laws and Principles foundational to establishing right relations." [1]

"Sundial House books are recognised internationally as “bridging books”. They provide an easier introduction to the esoteric philosophy books written by Alice A. Bailey working with her Ageless Wisdom Teacher, The Tibetan, Master Djwhal Khul." [1]



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