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"How to explore SourceWatch" provides help for editing and/or navigating SourceWatch. For more help see all SourceWatch help pages
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There are several ways to explore SourceWatch:

  • Take the SourceWatch Tour
  • Follow the links from article to article.
  • Use the search box (at the top and bottom of every page). See help on searching for details.
  • Browse through our List of lists.
  • Explore random pages by clicking on Random Page at the top and bottom of, or in the link list to the right of, every page (the location changes depending on the skin you chose in Preferences).
  • Click on "Recent Changes" (which can also be found at the top and bottom of every page), to see what edits have been made recently. There is a regular and an enhanced version of this feature, see SourceWatch:User preferences help for details.
  • Click on "My watchlist" to see which pages you watch have been edited, see SourceWatch:Watchlist help.
  • In the sidebar, click on What links here? to get some context.
  • From the Special pages box at the top of every page you can access:

Acknowledgement: the content of many of the help pages in the SourceWatch have been adapted from the Wikipedia.