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Exercise extreme caution in deleting pages. We generally discourage deleting information unless there is a good reason for it. Please review SourceWatch:Policy on permanent deletion of pages before taking any such action.

The most common reason one might want to delete a page is because it duplicates another page unintentionally. Usually (but not always), rather than deleting a page, the page should be redirected somewhere useful. If someone writes a nice article on 'Eddie Bernays' it should be moved to 'Edward Bernays' (or similar) and a redirect put in place. See SourceWatch:How to edit a page to learn about redirects. Deleted pages can be restored through the history tab for that page.

To request that a page be permanently deleted, put the page title on SourceWatch:Votes for deletion, with the reason you think it should be deleted. An administrator will determine whether to remove it.

Acknowledgement: this help page may have been adapted from Wikipedia.