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SourceWatch is a wiki -- a collection of articles, configured so that any registered user can create an article. Anyone can edit almost any existing article.

Because SourceWatch has high standards for sourcing all information, individuals can edit articles on themselves or people or groups they are affiliated with, if that relationship is disclosed or obvious.

More information about how to edit articles and related guidelines is available on Sourcewatch's "How to" pages, which are accessible to the left and to the right of this text.

SourceWatch is a specialized wiki maintained by a small staff with some volunteers. Accordingly, its editorial staffers are in the process of reviewing entries to help ensure that the articles on the site are within the scope/mission of the site. The determinations of the editorial team about whether an article is in scope or otherwise consistent with the standards for this specialized wiki are final, but there may be other wikis that are more general or more specialized that may be more suitable for entries outside our scope or inconsistent with our editorial standards.