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Categories allow users to view a set of linked articles. There are two sets of categories used in SourceWatch to group similar pages -- those used in classifying the Spin of the Day on the PR Watch website and the much more extensive list developed by users in SourceWatch. Once the category tag is added as a footer at the bottom of an article page it is automatically indexed into the category. (In this way, they are superior to manually created lists). All articles in SourceWatch should be listed in at least one category or more if appropriate. If you create a new article, try and remember to add it to one or more categories from the outset. Or if you edit an article that doesn't have a category tag at the bottom of the page, it would be great if you could add one or more in.

Categories created within SourceWatch

Users in SourceWatch can create new categories or use one of the existing categories. The list of SourceWatch categories is here.

Categories Used on the PR Watch/Spin of the Day website

A separate and smaller set of categories is used to classify the Spin of the Day on the PR Watch website. Over time it is intended to have all the Spin categories duplicated in SourceWatch. Where material from the Spins is copied across into SourceWatch it is best to include them in at least the categories they were included in there. The following terms are used to group articles in our related PR Watch website.

  • activism
  • animal rights
  • arts/culture
  • corporations
    • corporate social responsibility
    • tort reform
  • democracy
  • education
  • environment
    • agriculture
      • mad cow disease
    • biotechnology
    • global warming
    • nuclear power
    • sludge
  • ethics
  • gay/lesbian
  • health
    • food safety
  • human rights
  • international
  • labor
  • lobbying
  • marketing
    • advertising
    • guerrilla marketing
  • media
    • citizen journalism
    • internet
    • journalism
    • pundits
  • politics
    • left wing
    • right wing
  • pharmaceuticals
  • propaganda
  • public relations
    • astroturf
    • crisis management
    • front groups
    • issue management
    • public diplomacy
    • third party technique
    • video news releases
  • race/ethnic issues
  • religion
  • rhetoric
  • science
  • secrecy
  • social justice
  • think tanks
  • tobacco
  • U.S. government
  • war/peace
    • Iraq
    • terrorism
  • women

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