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Not to be confused with his son, climate science policy writer Roger Pielke, Jr., also at University of Colorado in Boulder.

Roger A. Pielke, Sr. has been Senior Research Scientist at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) of the University of Colorado in Boulder since November 2005, and has a five-year appointment (to March 2012) on the Graduate Faculty of Purdue University.[1]


He has been characterized as a global warming skeptic, [2] [3] but Pielke does not disagree that man has an effect on the Earth's climate. (The sources used to establish Pielke Sr. as a global warming skeptic confuse Pielke Sr. with his son. Therefore, there are no substantiating sources for such a description in this article.). Rather, in a more nuanced view, he argues, for example, that global warming is different than climate change.[4] Pielke also argues that there are factors other than man-made carbon dioxide that have an even greater effect on climate change, for example land-use changes like deforestation, and human input of aerosols into the environment. Pielke argued in a 2008 article in Mother Jones, for example, that

Energy policy and climate policy should be disconnected from each other. There are overlaps between the two, and the trouble is that people are using climate, mainly CO2, to invoke energy policy. I think that's a very bad way to go about it. In terms of energy policy, which I'm not an expert on, you have to consider each energy source in terms of its pros and cons. The way it's being done now, it's just sort of one dimensional—it's just assuming that carbon dioxide is the biggest threat to mankind, and I think that's really an absurd oversimplification of the complexity of the issue. [5]


Dr. Pielke's degrees:[1]

  • B.A., Mathematics, Towson State College, 1968
  • M.S., Ph.D., Meteorology, Pennsylvania State University, 1969, 1973


"Dr. Pielke has worked for NOAA's Experimental Meteorology Lab (1971-1974), The University of Virginia (1974-1981), and Colorado State University (1981-2006). He served as Colorado State Climatologist from 1999-2006. He was an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina (July 2003-2006). He was a visiting Professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Arizona from October to December 2004."[1]


In August 2005 Pielke resigned from a U.S. government committee reviewing the issue of the differences between ground level and upper atmospheric measurements of temperatures. [1]

Contact details

Former contact details

When he was at Colorado State, Pielke Sr.'s address was: Department of Atmospheric Science
Room 206, Annex A
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado
Phone: 970-491-8293
Fax: 970-491-3314
E-Mail: pielke AT

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