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Richard L. Ottinger "came to Pace University when he retired from Congress in 1984. As a professor he taught in the environmental law program. As co-director of the Center for Environmental Legal Studies, he started an Energy Project, which raises $900,000 per year, advocating utility investment in conservation and renewable energy resources. In his 16 years as a member of the United States House of Representatives, he authored a substantial body of energy and environmental laws. He was one of the earliest environmentalists in Congress in 1965. As chairman of the Energy Conservation and Power Subcommittee, Energy & Commerce Committee, he was instrumental in adopting key energy and environmental legislation. Dean Ottinger was a founding staff member of the Peace Corps, serving it during 1961-1964. He was appointed Dean in December 1994. He retired as Dean in July 1999, and has his office at the Energy Project. Currently, Dean Ottinger serves as Dean Emeritus." [1]

His wife is Betty Ann Ottinger. His son is Larry Ottinger .

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