Richard Joshua "Josh"/R. J. Reynolds

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Richard Joshua "Josh"/R. J. Reynolds: Defense


Reynolds was born ? - Died in 1918. Set up tobacco plant in Winston, NC in 1875. Developed Prince Albert pipe blend tobacco. Founder R.J. Reynolds (E. Whelan 1984). R. J. Reynolds was known as MR. R.J. (Barbarians 1990). Reynolds died of pancreatic cancer in 1918 (Barbarians 1990). R.J. Reynolds' sons were Dick Reynolds became mayor of Winston-Salem and treasurer of Democratic National Committee and Zachary Smith Reynolds a playboy, was shot to death at age 20 (barbarians 1990). Reynolds was succeeded running the company by Bowman Gray (Barbarians 1990). Reynolds, a tobacco chewer, died of pancreatic cancer (Miami Herald 9/10/89).

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