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  • Press release
    • Get John's edits (Conor)
    • Setup distribution w/ Sari @ CMD (Conor)
    • Get Verified Voting signoff (Conor)
  • Initial welcome blog post


  • Finalize netroots outreach letter
  • Finalize election protection outreach letter
  • Divvy up outreach areas of responsibility

Areas of responsibility

Dave - blog lists, post at Huffington, MyDD and Seeing the Forest. DailyKos diary as well.

Coordination with VSW

  • Get on same page with messaging/language
  • Post links on VSW
  • Post links on EPW


Meta/how-to content

  • How to add a VotersUnite report (Dave)
    • Done
  • How to add a press report
  • How to add a Voter Suppression Wiki report
    • Dave will do
  • Polish "Things you can do" page.
  • Templates
    • State headers (Conor)
    • Issue article headers (Conor)
    • Thing you can do headers (Conor)


  • Conor: All weekend generally. Not Friday night or Saturday after 2PM EST
  • Dave: All weekend generally. Out part of Sunday.
  • Steve: All weekend generally.