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Paulo Nogueira-Neto

"On November 1st 2004 we at FAF were honored with the visit of Dr. Paulo Nogueira Neto, one of the most respected ecologists in the world. He came to check with his own eyes the work that is being done by Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF) with shade grown coffee.

"Dr. Paulo, at 82 years of age, keeps a busy agenda that goes from coordinating studies in the Bioscience Institute of USP (University of São Paulo), technical and administrative activities with the Forestry Foundation of São Paulo, where he serves as President, meetings at Conama (Brazilian National Environment Council) in Brasilia to constant meetings with members of the Brazilian and Foreign governments and international NGOs like Conservation International (CI) and World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) where he is a Board member." [1]

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