Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West

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Obsession is an anti-islamic film featuring interviews with a selection of 'counter-terror' activists, including controversial figures such as Daniel Pipes, Steven Emerson and UK operative Glen Jenvey. An Interpress Service investigation revealed that:

"Obsession" features interviews with Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, investigative journalist Steve Emerson, Itimar Marcus of Israel-based Palestinian Media Watch, and Daniel Pipes, a controversial scholar of medieval Islamic history whose website campus-watch.org sparked criticism in 2002 for its alleged McCarthyesque attacks on Middle East studies professors. [1]

In 2011, the same production crew launched The Third Jihad, a follow-up film, expounding the same theme: islamophobia and smearing of American muslims[citation needed].


Featured Speakers and "experts"

Nonie Darwish narrator Alan Dershowitz Steven Emerson
Brigitte Gabriel Martin Gilbert
Caroline Glick Alfons Heck Glen Jenvey
John Loftus Salim Mansur Itamar Marcus
Khaleel Mohammed Daniel Pipes Tashbih Sayyed
Walid Shoebat Khaled Abu Toameh Robert Wistrich
John Loftus




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