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Nicholas McDowell is director of new media with the Lincoln Group (LG).


Lincoln Group

According to McDowell's Lincoln Group profile:

"Nicholas McDowell has tremendous expertise in the development and implementation of information technology. He has more than ten years' experience in establishing and aligning technical infrastructure with the needs of clients, including The Financial Times and the Orphanage, a VFX/Production studio. He has developed applications for a range of diverse purposes, such as emergent electronic messaging services, real-time performance monitoring and adaptive optimization enabling. Mr. McDowell also developed entrepreneurial experience, having founded Epidemic Marketing, an e-business advertising and marketing company. At Epidemic, he initialized corporate relationships with the United Way and Cisco. Mr. McDowell received his engineering degree from Auckland University in New Zealand."

Lincoln Asset Management Group

According to McDowell's Lincoln Asset Management Group profile:

"Nicholas McDowell, Director of Research and Technology
"Nicholas McDowell has led teams in architecting and implementing diverse technologies including financial information systems, data mining and e-business platforms. Projects successfully completed have ranged from implementation of enterprise-scale server farms in London to a satellite translation center in China.
"Before joining Lincoln Asset Management, Nicholas McDowell co-founded Epidemic Marketing, an e-business technology company that grew to 60 employees. The company developed innovative information technologies that allowed real-time performance monitoring and adaptive optimization.
"He also managed technology projects at the The Financial Times. During that tenure, McDowell led the technology team for the World Reporter project, a joint venture between Financial Times Information, Dow Jones and Dialog Corporation. World Reporter is a global business information management system utilizing proprietary technology solutions to automatically consolidate, index and classify news and data from over 1,000 sources worldwide."

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  • "Nicholas McDowell", Lincoln Group, accessed December 2005. (Go to 'About Us', 'Professionals' and follow the link to Craig's bio note).

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