Nannygate (Britain 2004)

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Nannygate (Britain 2004) refers to the scandal which broke in November 2004 over allegations that British Home Secretary David Blunkett fast-tracked a visa application to allow his lover's Filipina nanny to stay in Britain. [1]

The story was broken by the Daily Telegraph on November 28, 2004. The newspaper reported that "The Home Secretary allegedly used his position to facilitate the granting of permanent residency for Leoncia 'Luz' Casalme, a 36-year-old nanny working for Kimberly Quinn, the married woman with whom he had a secret three-year affair." [2]

The timing of The Telegraph's story could not have been worse for Blunkett, as the following day (Monday 29 November) he was due to launch his new Identity Cards Bill [3]. In the event, news headlines on the Monday were dominated by news of the visa allegations, with the ID cards bill relegated to inside pages.

Blunkett responded to the allegations by setting up a purportedly independent inquiry, headed by Sir Alan Budd who was chief economic advisor to Conservative Chancellors during the 1990s [4].

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