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"Visionary, entrepreneur, and inventor, Harry Massey is the CEO and founder of Nutri-Energetics Systems. Harry earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Southampton University , England . He went on to receive a Masters Degree in Business Administration, while still managing to be active in his favorite pastimes: climbing and managing the Southampton Mountaineering Club.

"On graduation, Massey became a Securities Representative in London , but his promising career was brought to a halt by severe, debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Thus began his extended search for a truly profound and effective form of treatment and cure. This quest led him to encounters with many kinds of healthcare professionals and scientists in the field of energetic medicine. Yet it was the work of Peter Fraser that was able to provide a cure, through the application of Fraser's revolutionary theory of the body-field. Massey soon recognized that NES provided a crucial link integrating physics, biology, and Eastern medicine."[1]



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