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"The Mpala properties in Laikipia, Kenya were purchased by Sam Small in 1952 and bequeathed to his brother George in 1969. George Small focused his energies and resources on conserving the habitats and wildlife of Mpala and providing healthy livelihoods for Mpala’s employees and families. In 1989 George created the Mpala Wildlife Foundation and the Mpala Research Trust to fund the activities necessary to achieve his vision.

"In accordance with George Small’s mission, the Foundation supports the wildlife conservancy, a primary school for employee’s children, a community outreach program which includes the Mpala Mobile Clinic, as well as a working cattle ranch that successfully coexists with an abundance of wildlife. The Foundation contributes to the Mpala Research Trust that supports and directs the Mpala Research Centre, a well respected, international research facility located on the Mpala property." [1]

"For 7 years, Mpala Community Trust has quietly paved the way in finding effective methods to deliver Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS services & education to the most isolated & remote populations in Kenya. However, this May, the clinics were recognized internationally when they were selected as one of 104 of the 2,800 applicants to be flown to the finals of prestigious World Bank Development Marketplace Competition in Washington, DC ." [2]

"In 1989, George created the Mpala Wildlife Foundation. Mpala is funded through the foundation, established and administered by the Mpala Research Trust, in collaboration with Princeton University, the Smithsonian, the Kenya Wildlife Service and the National Museums of Kenya." [3] (G. Wayne Clough)

Mpala Conservancy Manager: Michael Littlewood


Accessed June 2010: [4]

Trustees – Mpala Wildlife Foundation

Trustees – Mpala Research Trust



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