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The Monterey Institute of International Studies is a non-profit educational institution located in Monterey, California which specializes in languages and foreign policy. The school offers professional master's degrees in international public policy, international busiess, language teaching, and translation and intepretation, and intensive language courses. Their revenue in 2005 was $35M.[1]

According to their website, "...the Monterey Institute was founded in 1955 with a mission of improving international understanding through education in languages, cross-cultural communications and a detailed study of the complex relations between nations and peoples.

"In 2005, the Monterey Institute became an affiliate of Middlebury College. Strengthened by this affiliation, the Institute is in the right place, at the right time, to have a uniquely powerful, positive, long-term global impact." [2]

"The Monterey Institute of International Studies was founded in 1955 by Gaspard Weiss, Remsen Bird and Dwight Morrow Jr. Originally known as the Monterey Institute for Foreign Studies, the school’s focus was on promoting international understanding through the study of language and culture. This belief of the founders is still a guiding light for the Institute’s educational philosophy.

"Growing through the decades, the Institute added new programs, faculty and students, expanding its global reach and educational mission. The school moved to its current downtown Monterey location in 1961, where it now occupies 14 buildings. By the 1990s, the Monterey Institute was widely recognized as one of the most academically prestigious language and international policy studies schools in the country. The Institute’s graduates were prominent in the US Foreign Service, in language teaching leadership, and in the international business community." [3]

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