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Moms Across America is a California nonprofit organization founded by Zen Honeycutt. Zen is the mother of three children who had health issues that inspired her to look into the food system and join with other mothers to boycott industrial food products like GMOs and related pesticides that they believe have harmed their children's health. "Moms across America have seen rising health risks associated with toxins in our environment, especially in the food we feed our children. We want the ability to know what is in our food to care best for our families."[1]

Mom's Across America and founder Honeycutt gained notoriety due to their opposition of blockbuster chemical herbicide glyphosate, specifically their independent testing of breast milk that was met with some controversy.[2] Honeycutt has spoke to her intention being, “to find out whether or not glyphosate was getting in our breast milk, and if it was, to have further scientific studies conducted and therefore to provoke a movement so that policies would be changed.”[3] Glyphosate has been detected in the breast milk of lactating mothers in a 2022 study conducted in Brazil.[4]

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