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Michel Welmond "is responsible for the education portfolio for Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia at the World Bank. He has worked for over 15 years in support of education systems in developing countries, with a focus on primary education, vocational training, teacher management, and community participation. He has extensive experience in the development, management, and evaluation of education programs and projects that have focused on systemic educational reforms, teacher management and support, the improvement of educational quality, and decentralization. He has also provided technical assistance in the areas of education reform support, with a special emphasis on donor coordination, evaluation and tracking of reform efforts (particularly through conditionality), policy dialogue with education officials, and the involvement of nongovernmental stakeholders in sector reforms (e.g., parents associations). In addition, he has served as a consultant in the areas of education finance, providing training in strategic management, and planning for education and donor officials. At SAIS, Professor Welmond co-teaches the course Policy and Practice in Education for Development along with Joshua Muskin.“ [1]

Faculty member of the SAIS International Development Program.

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