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Michael K. Lewis, "senior associate of the Center for Dispute Settlement and principal in JAMS, the Resolution Experts, is a mediator, arbitrator, teacher, and lawyer. Mr. Lewis has mediated a variety of disputes involving commercial, public policy, and interpersonal issues. His mediation skills have been featured on television and instructional videotapes. He has trained thousands worldwide in mediation and negotiation techniques, including co-teaching at Harvard Law School's Mediation Workshop and trains mediators for the CPR Insitute for Dispute Resolution." [1]

Honors, Memberships, and Professional Activities [2]

  • Outstanding Achievement for ADR Education and Training, American College of Civil Trial Mediators, 2001
  • Member, National Bar Association, 2005–Present
  • Member: JAMS Board of Directors, 2004–Present; JAMS Employment Practice Group, 2004-Present
  • Board of Directors: Frederick B. Abramson Memorial Foundation, 1998-Present; Westtown Friends School, 1995-Present; *Consensus Building Institute, 1993-Present; Search for Common Ground, 1997-present
  • Member, Council of the American Bar Association Section on Dispute Resolution
  • Featured on a television show produced by the American Law Institute and the American Bar Association and on numerous instructional videotapes
  • Adjunct faculty member of law schools of Georgetown (1983-present), American University, George Washington University, *University of New Mexico; Harvard Program of Instruction for Lawyers Mediation Workshop (1984-present); trainer for CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution

Background and Education [3]

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