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Mark Baker "became of Counsel to Denny Miller Associates, Inc. in 2000. His firm, Anderson & Baker, is located in Helena, MT and serves business clients with legislative, regulatory and administrative interests at the state and federal level," according to his law firm profile.

Baker "served as chief of staff for Congressman Rick Hill (R-MT) in 1998. He also worked for Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) beginning in 1989, taking an extended leave of absence in July 1991 to serve as Executive Director of the Montana Republican Party, and again rejoining Senator Burns in January 1993. Mark served as counsel to Senator Burns for telecommunications during the historic passage of the 1996 Telecommunications Act. He also worked as the Senator’s Montana state director in Billings and, finally, as legislative director and legal counsel in Washington." [1]

Baker "has served in a variety of leadership positions on behalf of Montana's political leaders. He was the Montana State Co-Chairman of Lawyers for Bush-Cheney; State Co-Chairman of U.S. Senator Conrad Burns 2000 re-election campaign; and, General Counsel of the Montana Republican Party. Mark received his law degree from the American University's Washington College of Law in Washington, D.C." [2]