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Marc Mukasey, son of Attorney General nominee Michael B. Mukasey, is "a former Southern District [of New York] prosecutor and white-collar defense partner" at Republican 2008 presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani's New York law firm, Bracewell & Giuliani,[1][2][3] and a member of Giuliani's Justice Advisory Committee.[4]

In July 2007 it was reported[4] by Bracewell & Giuliani that

"Recently, Mr. Mukasey has been successful in persuading Department of Justice prosecutors to close an antitrust investigation against a major corporation without the filing of charges, and to drop securities fraud and mail fraud investigations of his business clients. He also successfully argued a downward departure motion that secured a favorable outcome for his client in the face of vigorous opposition by the Department of Justice."

Tasked with distancing Giuliani from Kerik

Mukasey, Rudy Giuliani's law partner, "has been told to monitor the criminal probe of disgraced ex-NYPD boss Bernard Kerik, which threatens to muddy up the former mayor's bid to become president.

"As part of his sensitive assignment, Marc Mukasey has thwarted Kerik's lawyer from interviewing witnesses who might help his defense," the New York Post reported October 22, 2007.[5][6]

Works with former NYC "lawyer-in-chief"

At Bracewell & Giuliani, Marc Mukasey works with Michael Hess, the "former New York City lawyer-in-chief" under Giuliani.[2]


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