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Manana Aslamazyan, "a media and television expert who has worked with Russian journalists for more than 15 years, is Executive Director of Internews Europe.

"Aslamazyan and Alexei K. Simonov launched Russia’s first freedom of speech organization in 1991, the Glasnost Defense Foundation (GDF). In 1992, Aslamazyan began to work with Internews Network to organize events for newly formed independent TV stations around the former Soviet Union. She became its first foreign staff person and by 1994, was managing the Russian operation, which in 1997 registered as a fully independent Russian non-commercial organization. In 2006, in response to changing legislation and its increased focus on training, Internews Russia re-organized as the Educated Media Foundation (EMF).

"As director, Aslamazyan led Internews Russia/EMF in the creation of numerous innovative and ambitious projects. Aslamazyan’s constant drive to respond to the changing needs of Russian media led to the launch of Internews Russia/EMF’s month-long Journalism School, the News Factory newsroom automation project, and the Russian-American Media Entrepreneurship Dialogue.

"Aslamazyan has served as an expert to the Russian Duma Committee on Information Policy, and from 2000 to 2004, she was one of three representatives of civil society on the influential Federal Competition Commission of Ministry of Press, TV Broadcasting and Mass Media. She is a board member of the prestigious Academy of Russian Television and served for three years as a Vice-President of the National Association of TV and Radio Broadcasters (NAT).

"Aslamazyan serves on the boards of several Russian nonprofit organizations, Internews Network, and Internews International, which unites local Internews organizations around the world. She is currently acting Board Chair of Internews Europe." [1]

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