Lorraine Thelian

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Lorraine Thelian

Lorraine Thelian oversees the work of the North American offices of Ketchum and is one of the six members of the company's Worldwide Executive Committee.

For the previous eight years she was a senior partner and director of the Washington, DC office, which handles the bulk of the firm's "environmental PR work" on behalf of clients including Dow Chemical, the Aspirin Foundation of America, Bristol Myers Squibb, the American Automobile Manufacturers Association, the Consumer Aerosol Products Council, the National Pharmaceutical Council, the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, and the American Industrial Health Council, another industry-funded group that lobbies against what it considers "excessive" regulation of carcinogens.

Ketchum boasts that the D.C. office "has dealt with issues ranging from regulation of toxins, global climate change, electricity deregulation, nuclear energy, product and chemical contamination, and agricultural chemicals and Superfund sites, to name but a few."

Her biographical note states that she has worked on "reputation-building campaigns for numerous companies and trade associations as well as blue chip corporations and policy makers." [1]

"She also has provided strategic counsel and developed educational programs on issues and crisis management. As part of this effort, she frequently has initiated "dialogue" sessions with traditional adversaries, including environmental and healthcare advocacy groups," her biographical note.

She is a director of the American Council on Science and Health and the Thurgood Marshall Foundation.

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