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Nigel Lawson, Lord Lawson of Blaby, an AGW denier with ties to coal burning power stations,[1] was Secretary of State for Energy 1981-83, and Chancellor of the Exchequer 1983-89 and a founder and Chairman of the Global Warming Policy Foundation. [2][3]. He is the author of 'Appeal to Reason : A cool look at global warming' He earned raised eyebrows during the expenses row for claiming more than £16,000 in overnight allowances by registering his 18th century farmhouse in Gascony as his main residence.[4]

  • Former Director (until January 2013), CET Capital Limited (which has worked for oil giants BP Amoco, Royal Dutch/Shell Group, Texaco and TotalFinaElf) [7]
  • Former Patron, Centre for Global Studies


He is the father of Dominic Lawson, and Nigella Lawson. Dominic is married to Rosa Monckton the sister of AGW denier Christopher Monckton[5]

Views on Climate Change

Nigel Lawson is a prominent climate change skeptic. He has written a book called 'An Appeal to Reason’ which apparently argues that saving the planet will be the real disaster. [6] He has used his media appearances to promulgate inaccurate information about the science of climate change.[7]


  • "To take the extreme case, while it may at first blush seem heartless to say that the welfare of those living in the next millennium is of no consequence, to take decisions on the basis that it is every bit as important as the welfare of the population of the world today would be palpably absurd." [8]

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