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Libero! is a libertarian football supporters association with links to the radical free speech group Internet Freedom and the LM group. Established in 1996 by Manchester United supporter Carlton Brick, the journal of the network is called Offence.

Duleep Allirajah of Offence writes a regular Sports column for Spiked Online, a direct descendant of Living Marxism. As a 'disability policy analyst', Allirajah was a panel member on a debate about genetics and disability organised by LM group platform the Institute of Ideas [1] [2].

In August 1998, the news editor of Internet Freedom, Alan Docherty, published an article on Wired News about the use of the internet by football hooligans. The piece drew on quotations from Duleep Allirajah of Libero! and Chris Ellison of Internet Freedom without disclosing that Docherty himself was on the staff of Internet Freedom.