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Leon H. Sullivan Foundation:

"Inspired by the life and principles of Leon H. Sullivan, the Foundation exists to promote the political, entrepreneurial and intellectual leadership of the African Diaspora and friends of Africa, and to advocate on behalf of Africa and the world’s vulnerable people." [1]

Instrument a Dictator's PR Campaign

The Sullivan Foundation will host its annual summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. Guy Adams of The Independent reports:

Despite his status as Africa’s longest-serving dictator, he will this month seek to rebrand himself on the international stage - as a principled advocate for human rights. His PR attempt begins on 20 August, when Obiang is scheduled to welcome 4,000 delegates, including world leaders, Hollywood actors, Emmy-winning pop stars, famous athletes, and a cross-section of US television celebrities, to the city of Malabo, which – for currently-murky reasons – has been chosen to host one of 2012's biggest liberal talking shops: the ninth biennial Sullivan Summit.
The event is highly prestigious - previous guests have included Hillary Clinton, George W Bush, and Colin Powell - lasts four days, and according to publicity materials will pursue: “economic empowerment and human development for the nations of Africa.” A guide to the proceedings, which dubs Obiang “His Excellency,” claims that hundreds of political leaders and “powerhouse intellectuals” will attend. It has been organised by the Leon H Sullivan Foundation, a charity which campaigns for human rights. The Foundation's eponymous founder, who died in 2001, was one of Martin Luther King’s right hand men during the civil rights era, and later achieved global prominence as an outspoken opponent of apartheid in South Africa. Despite this noble heritage, the Sullivan Foundation has agreed to appoint Obiang as official “host” of the Summit, which boasts the stated aim of fostering: “an atmosphere of open dialogue about the state of human rights and the interconnected issues of modern Africa." Obiang will also deliver its opening night speech.[2]


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