Lance Pierce (Consultant)

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Lance Pierce is described in a biographical note as "a consultant in international development, social enterprise, and corporate responsibility whose current clients include the World Bank. [1].

It states that he is also "an associate with the research group at Harvard Business School working on a project examining how global corporations are using values frameworks to create new opportunities through strategically managing their social and environmental impact."

It also states that he "served as Director, Corporate Issues Management for Fortune 20 Altria Group, leading a team working on community economic impact, stakeholder engagement, policy development, and human rights in the supply chain. He was also a senior project leader in the launch of a new venture serving the $2.3 trillion socially responsible investor market for [Agence France-Presse] AFP, the world's third largest news agency."

"He began his career in international development having been principal of a consultancy working with the United Nations and leading NGOs, acting as Deputy Director of a global civil society network focused on knowledge transfer for urban development, and serving as a Peace Corps volunteer at the time of the "People Power" revolution in the Philippines," it states.