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Lachlan Keith Murdoch (born 1971) is the son of media mogul, Rupert Murdoch and was heir apparent of News Corporation until he resigned from his job as deputy chief operating officer. He remains on the board of the company. [1]

Lachlan was born in London, but was raised in a wealthy Manhattan neighbourhood, where his father owned the New York Post. He received his education at the exclusive Aspen County Day School in Colorado and earned a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Princeton University. During summers he would work jobs ranging from cleaning printing presses to sub-editor at The Sun and The Times.

His first job came at Queensland Newspapers, which publishes The Courier-Mail in Brisbane. He then became publisher of Australia's first national paper, The Australian. In 1995 he was appointed Deputy CEO of News Limited, Executive Director of News Corporation since 1996, Deputy Chief Operating Officer since 2000, Senior Executive Vice President from 1999 to 2000, and Chairman of STAR since 1995.

He has been criticised as a "rich brat" for his "poor handling" of Murdoch interests in One.Tel, which lost the empire millions of dollars. Lachlan has also been attacked for trying to "Americanise" Australian newspapers.




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