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John W. Dean, "before becoming Counsel to the President of the United States in July 1970 at age thirty-one,... was Chief Minority Counsel to the Judiciary Committee of the United States House of Representatives, the Associate Director of a law reform commission, and Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States. He served as Richard M. Nixon's White House lawyer for a thousand days," according to his FindLaw's Writ biography.

Dean "did his undergraduate studies at Colgate University and the College of Wooster, with majors in English Literature and Political Science. He received a graduate fellowship from American University to study government and the presidency, before entering Georgetown University Law Center, where he received his JD in 1965." [1]

Dean "lives in Beverly Hills, California with his wife Maureen. He works as writer, lecturer and private investment banker." [2]

Published Works

  • "Conservatives Without Conscience", Viking Adult, July 11, 2006, (Hardback) ISBN 0670037745.
  • Worse Than Watergate. The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush", Little, Brown; 1st edition April 6, 2004, (Hardcover) ISBN 031600023X; Warner Books; Reprint edition April 18, 2005 (Paperback) ISBN 0446694835.
  • Narrated with Michael Rafkin, "The Rehnquist Choice: The Untold Story of the Nixon Appointment that Redefined the Supreme Court" (Chivers Sound Library; Unabridged edition, January 2002, ISBN 0792798694.
  • "Unmasking Deep Throat"
  • "Lost Honor", Stratford Press, November 1982, (Hardback) ISBN 0936906154.
  • "Blind Ambition", Simon & Schuster, January 1, 1975, ASIN B000722OTG 1976.

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  • Bill Moyers: If Condoleezza Rice asked you to help her prepare for that testimony, what advice would you give her?
  • John Dean: Well, I'd say give lots of opinions. Because opinions aren't perjurious.