Israel's War Against Lebanon (2006)

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<img src="" width="250" height="188" alt="Israeli leaflet" />
Israeli leaflet dropped in Lebanon

It isn't only Israeli bombs that are landing in Lebanon. Propaganda flyers are also descending on the Lebanese landscape. This is just the most recent chapter in Israel's efforts to influence Lebanese opinion. "In a crude drawing, leaflets dropped by Israeli planes over Beirut depict Hizbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah as a cobra dancing to the tune of the flute-playing leaders of Iran, Syria and Palestinian group Hamas. The cartoon shows two bombs near Nasrallah's head, while the foreign leaders sit cross-legged on a map of Lebanon. Typed in Arabic and signed the ‘State of Israel’, the flyers are part of attempts by Israel to turn the Lebanese against the guerrilla group it is fighting.” A translation of the leaflet pictured here is available at In the past, Israel has also used leaflet drops to discourage Lebanese aid to Palestinian fighters.

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