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International Advisors, Inc. (IAI) was registered in 1989 by Douglas J. Feith as a foreign agent representing the government of Turkey to "promote the objective of U.S.-Turkey defense industrial cooperation." [1]

The Turkish press "heralded" the move "as creating a 'warmer atmosphere' between Turkey and conservative members of Congress and 'the strong Jewish lobby in the United States.' It was thought that these relationships would help Turkey's military ties and sales to the United States. IAI was described in both the United States and Turkish press" as the brainchild of Richard Perle. [2]

The Wall Street Journal reported in early 1989: [3]

"Richard Perle, who among other things supervised U.S. military assistance to Turkey during his recent seven-year hitch in the Pentagon, has created a company in Washington to lobby for Turkey. The company, International Advisors Inc., is headed by three men, including two who worked under Mr. Perle at the Defense Department. According to a statement the company filed with the Justice Department, it will 'assist in the efforts for the appropriation of U.S. military and economic assistance' to Turkey.'"

Perle, however, not only said that IAI "was not his group" but also that he "was merely an 'advisor.'" In a "letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal, Perle elaborated his position by stating 'I have not created a company to lobby for Turkey….The firm to which the story refers, International Advisors, Inc., was created by Douglas Feith, a Washington attorney. I am not a stockholder, director, officer or employee of the firm. I will not lobby for nor represent the government of Turkey. I will chair an advisory board that is only now being formed.'" [4]

In "official documents filed with the U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Foreign Agents Registration Unit, Douglas Feith is listed as the Chief Executive Officer of IAI and its only stockholder.

"However, in semiannual reports filed by IAI during its 1989-1994 tenure, Richard Perle is listed as the single highest paid consultant to the group earning $48,000 each year. Feith, himself earned $60,000 per year and his law firm, Feith and Zell, received hundreds of thousands of dollars from IAI." [5]


The pro-Israel Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf was housed in the offices of International Advisors, Inc. --Robert A. Clark, "Who Funds the Pro-War Organizations," Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Feb. 1991.

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