INBIFO, Intitut Fur Biologische Forschung

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The Institut Fur Biologische Forschung (INBIFO) is Philip Morris' secret biological research lab in Europe. The name is German and means "Institute for Biological Research." It is located in Germany. Philip Morris acquired Inbifo on June 30, 1971. Its stated mission was "quantitative biological product evaluation" by using "comprehensive toxicological and physiological testing. Major activities are listed as: product evaluation and modifications, study of product ingredients and environmental tobacco smoke-related technical knowledge and smoke components. "Publications" was also a stated activity. Inhalation toxicology was a key feature of Inbifo.(Derived from Bates No. 2505235055/5088)


An inhalation lab was set up in Inbifo in 1973. By around 1988, Inbifo had 126 employees on staff. Scientists at Inbifo examined irritancy, mutagenicity, cytotoxicity, DNA damage, oxidative stress, tumorpromoting activity, oncogenicity, cardiovascular and plaque formation caused by its products (not an exhaustive list). In vitro and in vivo testing was done at Inbifo. Inbifo had 53,000 square feet of floor space. Activities were divided thusly: Smoking and health, 17%, "expert opinions" 20%, product evaluation 39%, "capability extension" 24%. (Derived from Bates No. 2505235055/5088)

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