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We only have instructions for state House members for now, but House candidates, Senator members and Senate candidates are coming shortly.

How to create a Texas state representative profile

  1. First, to edit on Congresspedia, you'll need to briefly register (keeps the spammers away). Do so here.
  2. Now go to the main index of legislative candidates.
  3. Select one of the red names - those are links that don't go anywhere; i.e. they are blank profiles.
  4. Paste everything in the box below (starting with "{{Texas House..." and ending with "... area politics:") into the editing window brought up at the new page.
  5. Important: You'll need to change a few things for this to work right:
    • Change the party ("Democratic" or "Republican") and the district number in the first line. For example: "{{Texas House header|party=Democratic|district=1}}"
    • Change the district number under "==District==". For example "{{Texas House district resources|district=2}}"
  6. Type a summary in the "summary" box and then just below it click "save page".
  7. You're done.

Feel free to email staff editor Conor Kenny at Conor Kenny if you need help.

Paste everything in this box into the new page:

{{Texas House header|party=Democratic|district=1}}

==Record, positions and controversies==


===2008 elections===

===2006 elections===


==Money in politics==


{{Texas House district resources|district=1}}



==Articles and resources==

===See also===

* [[Texas|Texas state portal]]



===External resources===

{{Texas representative resources}}

===External articles===

===Local blogs===

Many Texas blogs can be found at the [[Texas|Texas state portal]], but these blogs cover {{PAGENAME}} and the local area politics: