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Note: This page will become the main help contents page but it is currently under construction. Currently it contains links to all the existing help, policy and about pages. Many of these pages need to be reworked, combined or updated and the staff editors will try to revamp one a week (look below for notes. Please feel free to improve these articles (especially the ones that have already gotten a once-over by the staff editors), though for official policy articles it is best to make proposals in their talk pages first. Contact Conor Kenny for details

These are the help pages for SourceWatch:

Getting started

Getting started with Congresspedia and TobaccoWiki

Browsing and finding information

Images, media and copyrighted material

Wikipedia pages for adaptation

How to participate

Editing help

Keeping track of changes

Policies and guidelines

References and sourcing


Researching information to add to SourceWatch

Communication methods

The SourceWatch community

Resources and lists

Account settings and maintenance

Technical information

General help

Technical editing help

Research guides

Policies and guidelines

Obsolete pages

  • SourceWatch:Help (a general help page, needs to be folded into this new Help:Contents page --Conor Kenny 15:05, 13 September 2007 (EDT))
  • SourceWatch:Congresspedia help (this page is linked to off the "help" link on Congresspedia pages, but the new help links will all point to Help:Contents, so this material needs to be folded in)

Wikipedia and Wikimedia help pages

I think many of these pages could be simplified - one way to do it would be to create a simpler version for us and link back to the main Wikipedia/Wikimedia pages.

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