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SourceWatch employs several classes to visually organize information, keep a measure of consistency across the wiki and make editing less time consuming. The specific classes are listed below.


The metadata (no capital letters) class is used to help create information boxes that describe the properties of the article itself, not its content (hence the "meta"). A table built using the metadata class looks like this:

For examples of uses of the metadata class, see Category:Meta templates.


The wikitable class is an easy way to build attractive, subtle tables. This is the default format for tables and should generally be used unless a different specific formatting works better. A table built using the wikitable class looks like this:

Column header 1 Column header 2
I built this table using the "wikitable" class.

See Help:Tables for more on tables. You can also see all the tables built using "wikitable" by searching for "wikitable" on SourceWatch.