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The Hawthorn Group is an international public affairs firm that applies a grassroots, campaign oriented approach to corporate public relations.


The Hawthorn Group's clients include the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE). "During the campaign a subcontracted PR firm, Bonner and Associates, forged letters from minority groups and sent them to Representative Tom Perriello (D-VA), asking him to oppose climate legislation. ACCCE members include American Electric Power , Caterpillar, GE and Union Pacific Railroad." [1]


For the ACCCE effort, in 2009 the Hawthorn Group's subcontractor Bonner and Associates sent forged emails aimed at influencing U.S. climate legislation.[2]

In May 2018, Hawthorn was implicated as the contractor who hired Crowds on Demand people for artificial support at New Orleans city council of a controversial Entergy gas plant[3] - and against solar and wind.[4]





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