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A April 1993 internal memo to Philip Morris from the Center for Epidemiological Studies listed Gary Kayajanian as Director of the center. [1]

A March 1977 edition of Pesticide and Toxic Chemical News noted that Gary Kayajanian "scientist/lawyer, has joined the staff of the EPA's Office of General Counsel for Pesticdes and Toxic Substances. He has a PH.D. from the University of Roichester specializing in microbial viral genetics and has done post doctoral work in cancer research. His law degree is from Arizona. The OGC lawyer will be working primarily on pesticide rebutatable presumption against registration notices." [2]

In May 2000 a Phillip Morris manager, Steve Parrish noted in an email that Kayajanian had called wanting to talk to someone about a chemical that "prevents lung cancer and said he can help our company." [3]

In an abstract for a June 2003 article - titled "Arsenic, cancer, and thoughtless policy" - in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, Kayajanian wrote "the current drinking water contaminant standard for arsenic is 50 ug/L, as an upper bound. There is no lower bound for the standard. In an analysis of three epidemiology studies, the author demonstrates a significant cancer incidence trough for arsenic near 50 ug/L."

"Allowing, and even requiring, a much lower arsenic standard is not a desirable health outcome. Since most water systems currently deliver arsenic at levels below 5 ug/L, an undesirable health outcome is expected. For these systems and others not near 50 ug/L, the level of arsenic should be adjusted to bring it near 50 ug/L," he argued. [4]

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