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The Funding Network

"A loose affiliation of individuals, from a variety of backgrounds, but with a common purpose, to join with others in using our material prosperity to fund social change causes. Members may be individuals giving their own personal funds or trustees of charitable trusts who have the discretionary power to make commitments at a Funding Event. Anyone can attend a funding event. If you would like to become a member, the membership fee prior to April 1st 2006 is £30 and thereafter an annual membership fee will cost £60 which covers both individuals and couples.

"Our directors are Frederick Mulder, Sue Gillie, Jenny Sheridan, Mike Storey, Andrew Wade, Iona Joy, Iain McMullan and Shuna Kennedy.

"Frederick Mulder Ph.D, Chair of TFN, is an art dealer who has specialized for the last thirty years in printed works on paper made between 1460 and 1960.

"Sue Gillie trained as a financial analyst, is also the Chair of the New Economics Foundation... and our co-ordinator for TFN is Sarah Kuehne." [1]



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