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Frederik Mowinckel "has served for the last 20 years as CEO, Director and Chairman with several companies, delivering successful business development, investment and management strategies within 45 different countries. He has led turnarounds of global manufacturing and trading companies such as Hunton Fiber AS, TNC International (Asia) Ltd., Rikett Technology AS and Solar Integrated Technologies, Inc. He is currently a non-executive director of Aquamarine Power Limited, a leading Scottish marine energy company. He is also the Chairman of Bergensis Capital AS, a Bergen, based in Norway. Frederik’s native country is Norway – a country that is playing a key role in saving the rainforests." [1]

"Frederik continues to sit on the Board of Skog Holding AS, and its subsidiary Hunton Fiber AS. He is a Non-Executive Director of Gas Turbine Efficiency Ltd and a Senior Advisor to Turquoise International Ltd, the London based boutique investment bank. In addition, he is a Director of Mowinckel Management AS and Newcastle-based tidal energy company Oceanflow Energy Ltd." [2]

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