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Fred Matser "is a humanitarian, businessman and philanthropist... Towards this end he has been a (co-)initiator, (co-)creator and (co-)financier on a wide range of projects and over 15 Foundations in both the Netherlands and abroad since 1983.

"The projects as well as the Foundations encompass the fields of healthcare, environment, conservation, peace and global transformation...

"When only in his mid-twenties he was already responsible for a staff of over 150 and a multi-million pound turnover, having been appointed Chief Executive Officer of his fathers’ real estate development company and supervising subsidiaries. He was also appointed to leadership roles in various other business and sport associations both nationally and internationally and did studies in economics and business management, as well as in parapsychology...

"In his life Fred has also had some unexpected ‘paranormal’ and transcendental experiences which expanded his awareness and produced a major shift in his worldview. These have inspired him to devote much of his time to increasing his understanding about life and to contributing towards the betterment of society...

"In his humanitarian work he has initiated or contributed to a number of pioneering humanitarian projects including Peace Child, The Fred Foundation, Peace Flame and Child Alive. This was a programme that he established while working as a volunteer for the League of Red Cross and Red Crescent Organizations (now Federation) in Switzerland in the 1980´s. It contributed to the reduction child mortality in developing countries due to dehydration from diarrhoea by helping and educating people at a grassroots level and by the introduction of Oral Rehydration Therapy.

"Most recently, Fred was honoured to be invited to head the Dutch campaign for ‘Malaria No More!’ The campaign’s goals include increasing the supply of ‘bed nets’ (mosquito nets for beds) to help eliminate malaria in a sustainable way and contributing to increased awareness of malaria in the context of primary healthcare.

"On several projects he has had the privilege of working in close association with many inspiring people including several well-known people, such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Ruud Lubbers, Jane Goodall, Patch Adams and Jerry Jampolsky. He has also participated in various international events for global transformation including the State of the World Forum and, in September ´06, in the Table of Free Voices in Berlin, an initiative created by Dropping Knowledge.

"Fred Matser has been honoured to receive several awards for his work including the first International Caring Award (1992, Washington , USA) and the Van Emden Award (1995, The Hague, The Netherlands). His work has also been featured in influential author, Charles Handy’s latest book,,´The New Philanthropists´ (Heinemann, October 2006).

"Fred enjoys sharing his vision and philosophy in talks and dialogues and is currently writing a book on these, entitled, Rediscover Your Heart, due to be published in July 2008." [1]

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