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Edward Harris was an ex Philip Morris advertising executive who had moved on to teach Political Science at South Connecticut State University. He continued to lobby for the tobacco industry.

Documents & Timeline

1979 Jan 30 Tobacco law firm, Jacob & Medinger (J&M) presents a supplementary bill for the consultant's services. They have added a few new names and entries for ICOSI/SAWP operations:

Also another account:

[Note: SA1 refers to the secret set of accounts that the tobacco industry ran through the J&M lawyers to hide payments from discovery. SA1 = Special Account #1. The numbers corresponded to their current list of Special Projects. These projects and accounts were kept hidden from the Scientific Advisory Boards and from everyone else not in the core group of tobacco conspirators. The lawyers had their own Special Project accounts, and Philip Morris also used the system internally.]

Also awaiting approval was an account for

[Note: Weiss/Watson refers a partnership of marketing experts Philip Weiss, and David Watson. They were receiving about a quarter of a million dollars a year from Philip Morris at this time + this payment from the Tobacco Institute.]

Estimates for month of June were

[Note: At about this time $15,000 would buy you a modest house in most cities]

1979 Mar 9 Lawyer Donald K Hoel of the Kansas City law firm Shook Hardy & Bacon has oversight on scientists and academics formally for the International Committee on Smoking Issues (ICOSI). The contractor George Berman has been recruiting:

  • Dr Robert Nozick, a professor of Philosophy at Harvard University.
  • He is also circulating the CV of earlier recruits Edward Harris and Aaron Wildavsky. Wildavsky and Berger were to 'serve on this project' (to write a paper on the "benefits of government that does not restrict personal actions...")[5]