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Eastman Kodak Co. (Kodak) invented the Brownie camera in 1900 and has been a leading maker of photographic film but is now more into making imaging technology products for the photographic and graphic communications markets. It makes digital cameras and imaging systems for consumers and professionals. Kodak downsized by getting rid of 30,000 employees. It has long-term plans to sell ink jet printers and flat-panel displays. [1]


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Tobacco involvement

Eastman Kodak Co. manufactured cigarette filters from the 1950s to 1994. It also manufactures quality control equipment for cigarette packaging.

Eastman Kodak is located in Rochester, NY (LAT 8/13/94). They were the manufacturer of cigarette filter materials from the 1950s to 1994. They are the manufacturer of visual inspection systems and quality control equipment for cigarette packaging. Eastman Chemical, as a subsidiary of the Eastman Kodak Co., was the major cigarette filter material supplier for 40 years (A. Blum/NYT 8/6/94). Eastman Chemical Co. became an independent company in January 1994 (A. Blum/NYT 8/6/94). Eastman Chemical is a former subsidiary of Eastman Kodak. Eastman Chemical is no longer affiliated with Eastman Kodak since 1994 (NYT 7/23/94). Eastman Chemical produces material for cigarette filters (NYT 7/23/94). Kodak had an exhibit at the 1992 tobacco industry exposition in Raleigh, NC (A. Blum/NYT 8/6/94). R.J. Reynolds bought about $50 million of materials for cigarette filters from Eastman Kodak in 1982 (Barbarians 1990). In 1994 Kodak's Videk Systems Division made visual inspection systems and quality control equipment for cigarette packaging. (A. Blum/NYT 8/6/94). Videk Corp. was sold by Kodak in September 1993 (J. Blamphin/LAT 8/13/94). Kodak's German subsidiary is listed in the 1994 edition of Tobacco International Buyer's Guide and Directory (TIBG&D), a standard reference (A. Blum/NYT 8/6/94). The reference to Kodak in the TIBG&D refers to inspections systems from Videk (photography?), not a tobacco-related business (J. Blamphin/LAT 8/13/96). Eastman Kodak applied for international patent application WO 92/05713 in 1992 regarding adding tobacco extract to filters; "The patent application describes cigarette filter fibers with complex geometries making them capable of holding additives. The fibers; designs result in improved delivery of the tobacco modifying agent to the user. Tobacco extract, nicotine and nicotine salts are listed as possible additives that can be used." (J. Slade statement 3/25/94). See Eastman Chemical Co., TTLA Almanac - Names.

Political contributions

Eastman Kodak gave $147,825 to federal candidates in the 2006 election through its political action committee - 36% to Democrats, 60% to Republicans, and 4% to other parties. [2]


The company spent $440,000 for lobbying in 2006. $100,000 went to four lobbying firms with the remainder being spent using in-house lobbyists. [3]


Key executives and 2006 pay: [4]

Selected board members: [5]

Contact details

343 State St.
Rochester, NY 14650
Phone: 800-698-3324
Fax: 585-724-1089
Web: http://www.kodak.com


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