E. Ted Parrack, Jr.

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E. Ted Parrack, Jr. was a Brown & Williamson Marketing Department Senior Brand Manager of New Products. He has a long history of product management and product placement.


E. Parrack worked in the Marketing Department of Brown & Williamson as Senior Brand Manager of New Products in 1987. He was Vice President & General Manager STP in 1966, and Group Products Manager for Raleigh, Belair and Viceroy in 1978. He was also Group Product Manager for Raleigh, Plug, SWR, Snuff, duMaurier, Laredo, Long Cut, Trade, Belair and Viceroy in 1979 and 1983. Parrack was Vice President Brand Management from 1980-81, Vice President of New Products in 1984, and Vice President Domestic Marketing from 1984-85. [1]


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