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Donald Dewar ...

University of Glasgow Dialectic Society

Dewar "led an enormously active life" as a student at the University of Glasgow "in the sixties. For as well as earning an MA in History and a legal LLB he also held student office as:

  • Assistant Clerk of Union Debates, 1959-60
  • Labour Club Secretary, 1960-1
  • Union Library Convener, 1960-1
  • Labour Club President, 1960-1
  • Union President, 1962-3
  • Observer Mace Champion, 1963 (with Malcolm MacKenzie)

"He was variously at other times Secretary of the Students' Representative Council; one of the first Editors of the Glasgow University Guardian; and campaign manager to Chief Albert Luthuli in his Rectorial bid of 1962." [1]

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