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Dee Ward Hock (born 1929) is the founder and former CEO of the Visa credit card association. wiki

In 1993 "Dee Hock travels to the Sante Fe Institute to explore advances in complexity theory and make first speech on "chaords." Meets Joel Getzendanner, vice president of the Joyce Foundation. Hock articulates four conditions that would need to be met to avoid massive institutional failure." Then in 1994 "Hock meets with Joyce Foundation board, staff and grantees. Agrees to accept a one-year grant to explore whether any of the four conditions might be possible to achieve. Nonprofit formed under the name Alliance for Community Liberty. Hock begins work with the Appleseed Foundation and an informal group of state directors from the agricultural extension service, each considering the formation of a chaordic organization." In 1996 "Peter Senge and the Society for Organizational Learning asks Hock to help them reconceive their governance structure along chaordic lines. Nonprofit renamed to The Chaordic Alliance. Offices are opened in Half Moon Bay, CA, donated by Odwalla Corporation. The Appleseed Foundation completes the redesign of its governance." [1]

Hock has authored a book on the subject, Birth of the Chaordic Age (1999) with an edition named One from Many: VISA and the Rise of Chaordic Organization (2005).

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